The SoC Design Track focuses on practical SoC design and design methods and is suited for SoC designers, developers, and engineers working in industry or on industrial projects. This track is intended to complement SOCC's research oriented program with industrial development experiences and case studies.

Design Track submissions require a two-page extended abstract according to the format below and will be published on the SOCC website and in the conference program. They also require a 15-minute oral presentation at the conference in front of an audience.


All extended abstracts must be in English, and submitted in PDF format through our web page.
Please comply with the following guidelines.  In certain cases, non-compliance may lead to rejection or exclusion from publication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The organizers of SOCC 2014 as well as our attendees expect all accepted submissions to be presented at the conference.

IEEE SOCC reserves the right to exclude a manuscript from distribution after the conference if the work is not presented at the conference. In addition, we keep track of no-shows and will exclude any organization from paper submission for one year if accepted papers from the specific organization were not presented at the conference for two years in a row.


Please note that you are free to arrange the material as you wish, and you can focus on a particular point that interests you, as long as all aspects above are covered.


In order to achieve the same appearance for all manuscripts, SOCC requires the usage of the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings, available in Microsoft Word 2003 and LaTeX format.


A pdf file should be prepared using the following guidelines:


Push this button to submit your extended abstract: